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INTRODUCTION The focus of this guide is on residential construction using Owens Corning products and systems. However, the principles and physics apply to all types of construction and many of examples and details are readily applicable to commercial, institutional construction and special use buildings. In specific cases a design professional should be consulted. The information in this guide is intended to be compliant with the International Residential Code (IRC) most recent edition (2012). In all cases, the authority having jurisdiction should be consulted prior to using the information in this guide for code compliance purposes. This guide addresses one and two story single family detached construction - wood stud, steel stud and concrete masonry units ("CMU"). Owens Corning products are highlighted throughout. Substitutions from other manufacturers products are not recommended as specific material and system properties may be significantly different from those of Owens Corning products. The guide is divided into five sections: Part 1 - Principles and Parts 2-5 - Practices by Climate Zone. The principles and associated physics form the basis for the specific construction details and methods presented in the practices part of the guide. Specific Owens Corning product information and web links are contained in the Appendices. We will continue to update the Builder's Guide to include new Owens Corning products and systems, additional building science designs & performance features, sustainability design credits and durability attributes. For a more individualized plan review and consultation for qualifying builders, please contact

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